Welcome to MTBK and the Filthy Freeriders

Welcome to Central Intelligence for the English-speaking MTB community in Korea. We do XC and freeriding. Hell - anything on two wheels really - with some other adventure stuff thrown in too.

This is the site to find out who the people are; where the trails are; and be able to ask all those wonderfully annoying questions to help make your adventure here in Korea, aka Kimchiland, that much more enjoyable.

Brought to you with the compliments of the Filthy Three: Kiwi Bee (Brett Bowie), Stiff (Steve Danyo), occasionally Jeffro the drunken munter (Jeff Elmore) and a mess of other Filthy bastards. So rock on people -- ride your bikes lots! There are trails to die for behind the Kimchi curtain. And to die on. So ride safe - wear a condom.

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Enjoying Abu Dhabi. Still in contact with key Filth back in Seoul - although not as often. Best option if you are new to Korea is to hook up with the MTBK website or the Filthy Freeriders website
Jan 17, 2012 (16:55) - Brett

The best person to call or email on this website is Kevin Silverson. Kevin has recently started an adventure guiding company in Korea and has the equipment and knowledge to take you out (or send you off) on a fantastic adventure. You can contact Kevin at info@koreamtbadventures.com, or visit the Korea MTB Adventures website for more information.

There's a big biking scene in korea and this website serves as the springboard for the two main message baords. Good luck. Beest

Kiwi Filth meets Scottish Filth in early August
Jul 20, 2009 (03:27) - Brett

hooking up with Haggis in Edinburgh. Boys will ride south scotland - 7stanes, glentress , Peebles. Lovely. updates soon

abu dhabi
Apr 01, 2009 (04:53) - Brett
abu dhabi

I'm missing Korea's mountains and the excellent freeriding trails we have there. I need places with mountains, trees, streams. Too much to ask? Must organise a return to Korea before this year is out. camp out on the mountain at our secret camp spot "shangrila". Go native. Spend a week or two living rough, but clean and simply and, more importantly, riding the mountains of Seoul every day. Reconnect to nature, earth, speed, trees, dirt.....Filthiness and all that it personifies. Core boys are still there and although I'm older and know I should move onward, I still pine for the simplicity of the Filth. kai bai bo (rock scissors paper) to suss who drives the next shuttle. The easy, cheeky competitiveness amongst the Boys, the laid back superficially nasty but never vindictive sarcasm the Filth throw back and forth. Humour is the essence of days on the mountain, speed and skill flying down trails we developed, ball clenching rock face drops we purposely included in trails, rock obstacles to keep you honest and on your toes, chasing a lad in front, staying in front of the boy behind you. Man, I need this....like a fish outa water, a Filthster washed too clean. missing his fix. thems good times been had, ten years of serious fun, but the future awaits, trails still to be run, lads with a Filthy core to fly with, zip zap with, hang with. I miss the speed, I miss that beautiful rush when you know you're on the very fine edge of control and the sublime flow versus the slam of a mistake or the outer edge of a tree that glances too close. A fine and honest balance. Away from the artificial, materialistic, troublesome struggles we call career and work. Kimchiland.... I will be back. Beester

Update from the "Beest"
Mar 02, 2009 (22:32) - Brett
Update from the "Beest"

Hi, just a note to say I'm still available to answer questions about 2 wheel balancing scooter. I've left Seoul (Now Abu Dhabi) but still in contact with the boys and their freeriding and XC toys in Kimchiland. Drop me a line on brett.bowie@gmail.com. Oi!!