Filthy Approved Bike Shops

There is now (2005) a whole bunch of well-equipped shops around Seoul and prices are coming down for componentry. Actual bikes and bike frames are still anything from 20%-70% more expensive than big online bike equipment retailers. Bring your bike with you if you can. These following shops are the main ones we all use. Enjoy.

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Shop Info: Extremely well equipped for XC and Freeride. Competitive prices and service. Mechanic OK. Mgr Mr Kim speaks adequate English. They are known for taking good care of foreigners. Particularly convenient for you folks in Uijongbu.
Address: NE of central Seoul
  Gireum station line 4
Bike Zone
Shop Info: Bike Zone makes and sells a lot of cool bike clothing, rollerblade clothing and outdoor active clothing. They are a manufacturer but also have a high-end bike shop as well which is situated north of World Cup Stadium alongside the canal paths. The factory shop is closeby. The Bike shop's name is MYUNGJIN. God knows why it ain't called Bike Zone. The mechanic/manager is Lee Ho Jin. He doesn't speak English but can do standard repairs. The shop is small and has small to medium range of componentry, bikes and clothing. Phone 02 307-3977~8. Located north along the canal from Jeungsan subway station (line 6). Across the canal from Saejoel station in fact and about 100 meters back down toward Jeungsan station or World Cup Stadium.
Phone: 02 307-3112~3
The Final Word: No English. Manager Yeon Jeoung Sub Nice guy. Factory discount applies. The factory is very difficult to find but I know where it is (heheheheheh)
Shop Info: On-line and off-line shopping. Well-priced. Fairly well-equipped. More XC focused.
Address: E Seoul
OD Bike
Shop Info: The shop that sponsors many of the foreign riders, ODBikes, is based in SE Seoul. Most shop staff speak good English. Manager and owner Paul speaks excellent English and is a great guy. Shop is extremely well equipped. Also offers the full range of outdoor clothing and equipment for a variety of outdoor adventure sports. Mechanic Good
Address: SE Seoul
X Bike
Shop Info: Run by brothers Jung. Nice guys. Minimal English. More freeride focused. Close to Achasan - Goddess of Granite.
Address: Central East Seoul.
  Kuui Station Line 2 just past Konkuk University

Great mechanic, good shop, near Yongsan Garrison and Samgakchi

Shop Info: Decent shop now as Mr Lim has just shifted venue, good gear, more XC focused, mechanic excellent, English ability not so good but great attitude and extremely helpful, plus they organize group rides on Sundays. strongly recommended. Takes good care of the US Soldiers.
Address: Close to Samgakchi and Yongsan Garrison.
  Samgakji station line 4
Phone: 02-792-1832