Contact the Filthy Riders

If you'd like to contact the good people behind, please go right ahead. Below you can see a partial listing of the Filthy riders. Contact one of them.

If you're not sure who to contact, just fire an email off to Brett Bowie ( and he'll make sure that your question gets answered.

Selected MTBK Members

Andy 'haggis' Miller
Filthy free-ride
Daegu Usual Riding Time: When my body's not bust
Brad 'Yeti' Veysey
Filthy free-ride
Incheon Usual Riding Time: When I'm not being suppressed/repressed by my wife
Brett the KiwiBee Bowie
Filthy Free-rider
Abu Dhabi UAE Usual Riding Time: No longer in Kimchiland
Jerry Williams
Icheon Dong (South of US Army Yongsan) Usual Riding Time: Cateror and chauffer for the Saturday XC crowd
Kevin Silverson
Hwajeong NW Seoul Usual Riding Time: every day
Mike Greevis Greer
Fit but still fat Filthy
central seoul Usual Riding Time: almost every day when he isn't running or skanking local girls
Paul Y.K. Choe
Steve Stiff Danyo
currently Washington DC U.S.A