Filthy Extras

Here are some Filthy Extras. The real reason that they are here is because there isn't enough room on the side bar to have individual links to everything. However, all of the links are on the bottom of every page. Site regulars will quickly learn to either use the bottom links, or use this page to find what they're looking for.

Now, after that brief introduction, we can have short blurbs about each of these extras and why they're on the site.

Filthy FAQs - Answers the most frequently asked questions about everything ranging from the kinds (and quality) of the riding near Seoul, to important things to bring with you to the land of Kimchi, to survival Korean to help you out of a jam.

Filthy Fodder Photos - A collection of the greatest and latest in Filthy photos. Not intended for the easily offended.

Bike Shops - A listing of some of the best mountain bike shops in Korea.

Maps - We have tried to include proper maps of all of the main riding areas. They are an excellent resource to bring with you, and offer a better perspective and higher accuracy for your trail riding.

Weather - Short and sweet, you can get the word on the weather here in Korea. That's it, that's all.

Links - Links to excellent mountain biking resources in Korea and all around the world.

Site Map - The complete collection of all things Fodder. If you're looking for something on this site, the site map is the place to find it.