Filthy Fodder Photos

This is your place to check out all of the nonsense that happens on and off the trails with the Filthy Boys - they may not be pretty, clean or appropriate for all ages, but they are 100% Filthy.

The Boys

Dancie phoenix park Brad phoenix park Drew phoenix park
Bee phoenix park BC Kev phoenix park June at Surisan.  She had a rather spectacular crash that day.
Jerry after too much sun (and too little beer). Jaeyon after too much sun (and too much beer). Matt being sillier than usual.
Malcolm after too much sun (and too much beer). He they call him Brad. We call him Yeti. His lovely wife calls him kitchen Beeyatch.
they call him Willard. His mother calls him Willy. His girfriend calls him wicked Willy they call him BCKev they call him Drewvus
they call him haggis Beeboy walking home the LONG way down Honeybee. broken back axle. Note to self - Cable ties do not work for this problem Fook riding Solar. It
in pain but still working it. IronMike. Achasan, Condescending. The third Litmus Test. The BC Boys plus BC kev Bottom of Yellow Brick Road on Achasan - Goddess of Granite. Beer break. Rodeo, Iron Mike, Drew in back
Will, Bee and Haggis in front
Filthy Three - Soccer world cup. what a party had!! Jeffro , Beeboy and Stifford Rodeo the Master seargent - where the nickname came from. Sean couldn bottom of the Sexy
"yellow brick road" on achasan. 4 Filthies ascending Achasan the Filth and the FATboys from Taiwan
The Boys in Black and White Broken arms, broken bikes.  

The Beer

Haggis in flight on four cross at MUJU Drewvus flies as well - four cross phoenix park BC Kev Flies again - four cross phoenix park
Iron Mike - four cross phoenix park BC Kev CAN fly - four cross phoenix park Bee phoenix park - deep in the jungle
Loin Cloth Iron Mike Greer phoenix park Bee ddj at Little Piggy - Big Mac the Nose Onk and Jeffro
Kiwi Ian, Johnny DDJ, and Dunc Stu - he Filthy Xmas Party 2003

The BS

Death of my Beestie jeep. Boys pay their respects front wheel Bee - Honey bee valley bongo hitching
heading to Honeybee stu Full moon shining down from top of the 15 foot Johnny drop. 2 minutes after Johnny split his eye brow wide open (40 stitches) Ass

The Rest

Killarney nat park - Stefan Mel Otto and me Bee Killarney nat park Drew - bottom of stairs Gangchon DH
Yeti losing control Gangchon DH BC Kev Close up Gangchon DH BC Kev BW Gangchon DH
Bill bayer Gangchon DH dancie in style DH phoenix park Kiwi Bee DH jump Phoenix park
Filthy Fodder Beestie Jeep