Filthy Guides and Bike Hire

If you're here for only a short time then you may require an actual guide and the necessary equipment. Well, you're in luck. Korea MTB Adventures offers both guided mountain bike adventures as well as simple equipment rental. They are friendly, laidback guys who know their way around Korea's mountains and can speak Korean well enough to ensure things are all taken care of and that you are well catered for.

A half day hike or bike?
A full day on the mountain?
Two day epics around Seoul or outside Seoul to some of the most stunning areas in South Korea?

Just contact Kevin Silverson (, or visit the Korea MTB Adventures website for more information.

Options include:

· The more remote and sweet sweet trails of Goyang-si. These trails go on for hundreds of kilometers and flow through massive traditional cemeteries, snake along South Korean military base fences (perfectly safe and legal, but quite the rush nonetheless!), and criss cross up, over, and down dozens of hikerless mountains.

· A two day escape to Seoraksan to also take in the 4th infiltration tunnel on the DMZ and the mountains/lakes of Northern South Korea.

· Biking on the trails in and around a 400 year old Korean mountain fortress at Namhansanseong. Dine on farm raised smoked duck and dongdongju (famous cloudy rice wine - yum!)