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Welcome to Central Intelligence for the English-speaking MTB community in Korea. We do XC and freeriding. Hell - anything on two wheels really - with some other adventure stuff thrown in too.

This is the site to find out who the people are; where the trails are; and be able to ask all those wonderfully annoying questions to help make your adventure here in Korea, aka Kimchiland, that much more enjoyable.

Brought to you with the compliments of the Filthy Three: Kiwi Bee (Brett Bowie), Stiff (Steve Danyo), occasionally Jeffro the drunken munter (Jeff Elmore) and a mess of other Filthy bastards. So rock on people -- ride your bikes lots! There are trails to die for behind the Kimchi curtain. And to die on. So ride safe - wear a condom.

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Hi - Update from Abu Dhabi
Mar 19, 2008 (18:18) - Brett

yes - Abu Dhabi is where I now reside and work. Its an Arabic and Islamic culture, very little biking. This site, albeit from another time and place that is most definitely not the UAE, is still fully functional. I don't update it that often but it still serves as the main link for MTB in Korea. Contact details for the guys are still the same, I think. Enjoy. B

Indy Festival Phonenix Park Summary of Events
Jul 30, 2007 (09:57) - Brett
Indy Festival Phonenix Park Summary of Events

Race results for the ODBIKE DH race team-
1/ Female DH - first place (Danice racing under ODBIKE banner)
2/ Male sports Downhill First place (Drew), second place (BC Kev) and 4th place (Mike Greer). Me - I don't know yet. 8th? 10th? Last?
3/ 4th place in North Shore event. (Bee)
4/ 3rd place in combo team event (uphill ride, uphill run, Downhill)(Drew and BC Kev)
5/ 2nd place (Bee) in really embarrassing dancing competition on Saturday night on main stage in front of everyone.
6/ 5th place (we think) Brad in the sketchy night-time Four Cross event. Danice wa the only female and made it into the final 16. She was in first place in her next race but crashed splat on the first wide gap jump.

EXCELLENT results. Boys and girl happy and great promotion for ODBIKE. Thanks Paul and Jay

The winnings:
1/ New snowboard
2/ rollerblades
3/ sunglasses
4/ THREE new freeride bike frames. Two HT and one Full suspension
5/ set of pannier bags
and other shit I have forgotten

1/ about 12-14 authentic RACEFACE riding shirts and shorts (for 10 000 won a piece!!!)
2/ tow truck ride to Wonju 24 hour car center.
40 000 won.
3/ a new disc for the jeep's transmission which blew out on the way home.
300 000 won
4/ a tow truck to Seoul for the second jeep mechanical.
200 000 won

Still to buy - a new alternator -
180 000 won.

1/ The DH course - a wet and sloppy wench on Saturday. But Sunday - after strong winds - an absolute flying 8-10 minute flying HOOT!!
2/ The four cross - the start was pretty sketchy and huge pileups took place. Brad did really well and came 5th (we think). Well done but no banana
3/ 3 meter drop. Pretty sick but doable. I thought about doing it on my HT azonic then thought better of it after my last azonic breakage.
4/ 5 meter drop. Really sic. DJ - the Korean guy who did it. BIG balls. Very Josh Bender like. Meaning he crashed both but walked away afterwards.
5/ Combo team event. ODBIKE guy did the ride uphill and came in 7th, Drew did the run and came in 5th. As soon as I saw him coming up the hill I took off on the Downhill. Drew tagged Kevin who was the official DH racer who then proceeded to chase the flying Kiwi fat assed "rabbit" down the DH course. Kev passed me about a third of the way down and also passed two other riders. I passed one other rider in my attempt to catch up with the speeding Kev. Fun fun FUN!!
6/ North Shore event. Two identical man made courses running parallel. Riders raced against each other. Twisty turnie woodwork ranging from about 1 foot off the ground to 6 foot. With one 5 foot long skinny and three big teeter tooters to finish. Boys were riding it FAST. I missed the seed race and was about 4 cold beers into the day so I crashed ten times in the practice much to the amusement of the crowd. Quite surprized I came fourth in the race actually. Lotsa fun and quite the crowd pleaser event.

All up a great weekend (best MTB festival I have been to in Korea) except for last night's mechanicals. We all got home at 5 am fuck!!

This site does not get updated very often
Apr 26, 2007 (18:47) - Jerry

For up to date information on riding in Korea got to http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/mtbk/

22 July Ride and Farewell BBQ
Jul 17, 2006 (12:34) - Jerry

We're finally getting rid of Duncan, Mark, Eric, Gerald and Soonla.
Need everyone to please participate in the ride and BBQ at Bundang on
22 July so that we can make absolutely sure that they really leave and
never ever come back. Please go to the MTBK homepage and sign up on
the database so we can make sure we have the transportation, food and
beverages sorted out for the event. Any and all who are signed up on
MTBK are encouraged to please attend. We really need to show these
folks how many of us are looking forward to their departure.