Filthy Links - Some Sites We Like

Below, you'll find a list of sites that we like. We've been compiling this list for a long, long time. If it isn't on here, you probably don't need to read it.

Welcome to the most popular cycling website in New Zealand. Inside Vorb you'll find mountain biking forums, events, news, vaguely organised rides, videos and 1000s of photos.

Bike (
The web version of Bike magazine.

Bikechina (
Travel and bike touring in the center of the world.

Contrapedal (
Gravity biking in Chile (only in Spanish)

Cycle touring in Korea (
Jan Boonstra's compendium of cycle touring info on the ROK.

DH Club (
A Korean DH community site. Also sell a few DH oriented items, including Balfa frames and 661 gear. Local vids and photos. Korean language only.

Danscomp (
The big BMX catalog guys.

Dirt Rag (
The venerable US east coast magazine

Downhill racing (
Mostly news and media.

Dropmachine (
Freeride portal. good vids.

Drunk Cyclist (
Page motto: "This page is all about Bikes, Boobs and Beers. If that's not your thing, you can go to hell."

Eastside Freeride (
freeride mecca for pix, vids, stories, and other shinanigans

Engrish (
A compendium of wonky English from NE Asia

Epic Rides (
Home of the annual 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo (Tucson, Arizona) Race.

Flight of the Pigs (
Information on alternative biking events and activities in Arizona, most notably, The Squealer and The Flight of the Pigs, which is a 70 mile annual ride that occurs the day after Thanksgiving. The flight circumnavigates Phoenix, linking as many trails as possible.

Formosan Fat Tire (
Excellent site covering MTB riding opps in Taiwan.

Freemap (
Custom maps of Korean cities (in English). Enter an address or business name and the computer spits out a map. Great because rational street addresses don't exist here.

Gravity Bolivia (
DH tours out of La Paz, Bolivia. 3000m/day.

Keewee bike company (
they make sweet steel bikes at good prices

Korea's Mountains (
Korean only, but lots of maps (also Korean only). With over 10,000,000 hits as of Dec 2003, this website is a comprehensive one-stop shop for all your mountain hiking information. And where there's mountain hiking, you can be sure there is excellent mountain biking. This site is the MTB trail explorer's close friend. It deserves every one of those 10m hits! You can get a lot of info if you can read basic Korean. If you know place-names, then this site will help you find secret trails throughout the country. Be the first in your high-rise to descend a mountain....

Korean MTB Federation (
Race organizers