Maps and Trail Maps for Korea

We have tried to include proper maps of all of the main riding areas. Please download and print to allow a better perspective and higher accuracy for your trail riding.

Please remember to respect the mountains, the Korean hikers and the actual trails or else you'll screw it up bigtime for ALL of us mountainbikers. We know where you live....mowahaha...moWAHaha.

Even with these maps though bro, it's still much better, faster and safer to ride with someone who knows the trail area you're going to. Someone who knows how to access the trails, the adjacent shops, the best restaurants, where the mountain springs are for fresh clean water, the list goes on.

Introduce yourself on the MTBK message board and hook in with some local riders. Those MFXC boys and girls are mostly OK. Remember though....don't feed the animals...they prefer cold beer, a little gas money and maybe some dongodongju (cloudy Korean rice wine- yum!)

Abu Dhabi - new location of Bee

Topographic map of the Achasan area

Topographic map of the Ansan and Alexifier area

Topographic map of the Bundang area

Bundang Trail Map
Map of the basic 3 Mountains route at Bundang

Easy Street
Topographic map of the "Easy Street" trail area. This place of course has a real Korean name, I just don't know what it is.

Topographic map of the Namhansanseong area.

Namhansanseong Trail Map
Map I stole from someone else's website

Seoul Area
The full-size PDF map of Seoul Area

Seoul Area Trail Locations
Gives you an idea where these places are.

Seoul Bike Paths
Somewhat out of date, but still a fairly accurate representation of where the major Seoul bike paths go.

Topographic map of the Sinwolsan area.

Sinwolsan Trail Map
Sinwolsan Trail Map

Topographic map of the Surisan (Sanbon) area

Surisan Trails
Surisan Trails

Topographic map of the Suseak area.

Suseak Trail Map
Suseak Trail Map

Umyeonsan Area Map
Oh what fun, it is to ride in Umyeosan Area, heh!

Umyeonsan Trail Map
Another map "found" on someone else's website

Umyeonsan Trails and Riding Area
Big long captions are fun.