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This page has links to all of the content held within this site. If you can't find it on the site, and you can't find it on this page, it probably doesn't exist (yet). If you're stumped, check out the links to the MTBK or Freeriders Boards, or, contact us.

  • Home - Main Page
  • Filthy Blog/News - Korean mountain biking news and information straight from the Filthy Boys
  • Bike Trails - Starting point for learning about mountain biking in Korea
  • Guides and Bikes for Hire - excellent source for information about hiring a guide or renting a bike in Korea
  • Filthy FAQs - Answers to all the questions you'll ever think about asking
  • Filthy Fodder - Everything 'bike' that just didn't fit in elsewhere
  • Filthy Fodder Photos
  • Bicycle Life Articles (by Brett Bowie)
  • Other Fodder
  • Bike Shops - Biking isn't much fun without a bike. Broke something? Need it fixed? This page will tell you where you can go and who you can trust with your precious ...
  • Regional and Trail Maps - Free downloadable PDF maps detailing many of the regions and trails mentioned on this site.
  • Weather - Wondering which tires to ride with? Check the weather forecast first.
  • Links - We've compiled a list of other websites that we like - some are directly related to Korea or mountain biking, some aren't - check them out!
  • Contact Us - A list of some of the famous Filthies, and info about how to get in touch with them.