Mountain Biking Areas and Regions in Korea

Check out some of the best offroad riding, both XC and freeride, that Korea has to offer:

Let me be perfectly frank - this mt. ain't for the fainthearted. Get a solid Filthy attitude, don the shining armour and prepare to do battle. The Goddess of Granite only lets the big boys take her.

Large XC trail network generally centered around Yuldong Park in Bundang. Bundang is conveniently accessible by subway or car, less than an hour south of Seoul.

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Sinwolsan (aka Jiyangsan) is a popular riding area to the south-west of Seoul, basically sandwiched between Seoul and the satellite town of Bucheon. It offers mostly XC riding, with lots of rollercoaster forested singletrack and the occasional challenging section thrown in for good measure.

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Namhan Sanseong

Namhan Sanseong is our favorite, main area. It offers four regions and about 25 trails at last count. It's a beautiful area, with a continuous ancient wall capping ridges that surround a small mountain bowl at over 500-600 meters elevation, and long views out to Seoul to the northwest. Everyone knows the Great Wall (as in, of China); you might be forgiven if you call this one the Minor Wall of Korea. Despite the car parks inside the fortress, the wall itself is nice, with an access trail following the outside base of the wall (although it doesn't go all the way around). All of the trails are outside the fortress wall but we alwasy begin from the fortress itself as it has two sealed access roads. Perfect for shuttles to the top of most trails.

Surisan is a fairly small trail network southwest of Seoul, located south and west of Sanbon, easily accessible by subway or car from Seoul.

Suseak is a north/south ridgeline on the west edge of Seoul located north of World Cup Stadium. Best access to this riding area is either to pedal there or to take the subway. Driving would be silly.

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Umyeonsan is located at the south central edge of Seoul, between the Seoul Arts Center and Seoul Grand Park (horse racing track, zoo and amusement park).

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Central Seoul

There are a few hills right in center city that are fun to play on; Ansan behind Yonsei and Alexifier (North east of Hongjae Station.