Sinwolsan (aka Jiyangsan) is a popular riding area to the south-west of Seoul, basically sandwiched between Seoul and the satellite town of Bucheon. It offers mostly XC riding, with lots of rollercoaster forested singletrack and the occasional challenging section thrown in for good measure. The highest point is low, about 137m, with the main course following the major ridgelines and a lot of fun options going down the hillsides.

The courses are generally rideable for anyone with moderate fitness and skills, and certain hardcore XC riders have been known to ride it on fully rigid XC bikes with little difficulty (editor’s note: this particular “hardcore” reference was made by Duncan who is widely regarded as self delusional and verbose. Please forgive his sins). The tracks are not particularly technical, with the exception of a few tricky uphills (for those of you that don't have sense enough to get off and walk up), and are well-draining and well formed. As with courses close to Seoul however, the tracks can be rather crowded with hikers in the weekends and on public holidays, and riders should always ride cautiously, politely and safely on the descents.

The easiest way to get to Sinwolsan is via the Han and Anyang river bikepaths. Ride west on the southern side of the Han river until you get to Anyangcheon (Cheon means stream or small river in Korean). Follow Anyang stream south until you reach Omokgyo bridge. Leave the canal path to ride past the large sports stadium along the roads in a westward direction for approx. 2km until you see the low ridgeline in front of you. Seoul has no street names, certainly none that are posted so general direction is all we can give you. (Alternatively, if can't understand this but can find the West Seoul Truck Terminal on a map somewhere, the riding area is immediately west and south of it.)

Check the map for the easier trails. We link them together with paved rides that will be shown on the map eventually. Hook up with the MTBK board for a group ride or biking buddy.