The portion of Surisan that we ride is a relatively low ridge to the southeast of a very high peak.

Subway access is by taking line 4 from Seoul to Sanbon, Surisan, or Daeyami stations.

Driving access is either by taking 1 south to 50 then west to the exit serving highway 47 (then look at the map),
cross Banpo bridge headed south, go through the tunnel under Umyeonsan, follow highway 312 to 100 headed west and then get off at the Sanbon exit. Drive through Sanbon headed generally south, then west following signs to get to highway 47 and/or expressway 50. Again, look at the map.

Riding at Surisan is easier than Acha or Namhan, but a little harder than Bundang. Ascents are generally on a very wide, well graded, gravel fire road. Descents are on pretty good, but sometimes narrow single track. There is one particular single-track that's pretty steep and has rocks that bite.

Surisan is a great place to ride when it's too wet to ride anywhere else. The trails drain very well and the well compacted sandy soil doesn't get particularly soft or slippery.