Suseak ridgeline requires a lot of hike-a-bike, but has some rewarding descents, none of which are particularly life threatening, unless you are stupid enough to try to ride down the stairs, lose it, do an endo, and land 20 feet up in a tree (right Duncan?).

Normal access is from the southern end, riding (and hiking) up to the top of the ridge. Once on the ridge there are some nice descents that end at the next hike-a-bike climb as you head north ward. The highest point is a military site towards the north end of the ridge. Take either the shorter walk around the west side (after the first left bear around to right/stay high), or the somewhat ridable route around the east side (after the first right, bear around to the left/stay high). After you've passed the north end of the military site, you walk/ride down a bunch of stairs, but watch for a left turn. If you continue north down the main ridge, you end up walking/riding down stairs all the way. If you find the left turn (to the west), there is about a km or more of very nice easy fast descending single track that ends near a dog farm. Follow either your ears or your nose, you can't miss it.