Central Seoul Trails

Ansan is accessed by going into the Yonsei campus via the front gate and riding straight down the road toward the back gate. At the high point of this road turn right and access the obvious trail. Climb climb climb and go explore the main ridge trails and various offshoot trails. Steep but fun for a competent XC or freerider. The "ropes" of the back of the very top will keep you honest


- essentially the Northern foothills of Pukansan in north central city. Access by going to Hongjae intersection then climbing up the alleys in the North-eastern quadrant of this intersection. At the high piiutn you'll see the ridge and ridge access trail. Follow it up and down up and down in a roughly eastward direction until you come to the old Seoul Fortress wall. Turn left or northward. Ride up about one km to the ticket box. Rest then turn around and fly down past the point you accessed the wall. Continue down then climb some, turn right at the end and drop off the wall, some tricky sections here. You'll come to a small trail intersection, turn left then immediately turn and climb right. Follow this trail up and along all the way to the southern end - two or three trail options to finish on.